Paris Hani

s it just us, or does Paris feel a lot bigger than it actually is? Truth be told, one trip barely scratches the surface of what this cosmopolitan capital has to offer – seriously, the Champs-Élysées and Eiffel Tower are just a start. So if you’re going to do your trip justice, you’ll need a good plan of action, starting with where to stay of course. We suppose the real million Euro question is what neighbourhood is best. Our honest answer? It really depends on what you have a taste for – some neighbourhoods are better than others when it comes to restaurants, others for bars, exploring on-foot, nightlife, shopping, history and all the rest. Paris is divided into 12 districts, or as the French say, arrondissements, and here’s the lowdown on where’s best to stay to get in on the action.

Whether you’re a Paris novice – like a certain red beret-touting marketer that goes by the name Emily – or walk the streets like they’re your own, there’s always a new neighbourhood to explore, places to hang, and restaurants to taste-test. Consider this your go-to guide to Paris, trust us, we are the experts after all. You’ll be booking a return trip before you’ve finished this one. À bientôt!

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